We at D&S Dental offer highly accurate world class Endodontic Instruments that serve the contract manufacturing community. The superior design combined with the use of Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ makes the D&S Dental product line optimum in performance, precision and strength. Through providing high quality, advanced products, D&S Dental helps dentists to not only improve the quality and ease of their work but also the experience of their patients.


D&S Dental's product line is proudly manufactured in Johnson City, TN. The D&S Technicians combined have over two million hours of manufacturing experience in the endodontic field.

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D&S Dental has taken Endodontic treatment from Twisted Stainless Steel Files to Ground Files, to Nickel Titanium Files, to the latest evolution which is Controlled Memory NITI™ Instruments.

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Over the past 20 years the developments in the Endodontic Instrument field have resulted in a 50% increase in productivity and efficiency in endodontic treatment in today's market.

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